More Drawing

04.05.2017 Since posting this image it has been selected for (and is now prominently displayed in) an exhibition called ‘DRAWN’ at the RWA in Bristol. It will be on show until June 4th 2017.  It’s a large open submission exhibition of drawings from the South West and I am naturally very pleased to be included.


3rd-of-many-bcropimg_20170219_110056 Mike Smallcombe photographs my latest drawing 3rd of Many. Thanks, Mike.




Drawing from Nature


I am very happy to be the artist in residence at Celf o Gwmpas

Here I am, working from nature and pleased to demonstrate how to capture the movement of a waterfall.


Celf o Gwmpas Artist in Residence

me at celf

Photograph  Rachel Dunlop

I have landed myself an excellent opportunity at the superb Celf o Gwmpass in Llandrindod Wells, Wales. In the past I have worked in the ‘care and concern’ sector, specifically as a support worker in mental health, and I remain full of admiration and respect for the work that people do, but I always felt that creativity was regarded a foreign language or something marginal.  Not so here.  It looks and sounds like an art centre, it walks like an art centre. It is an art centre, one with a vision, “ achieve artistic innovation and increase recognition of the value in disability and inclusive arts practice” and a mission, “ create the connections for equality, nurture creativity and support ambition in the arts”.

I am delighted to be facilitating a few workshops all about ‘getting it together and staying with it’, which is the perennial project for all artists, myself included. I have also been loaned a studio space (till November) which I sometimes share with Dean Warburton*.  We are getting on well and cope with each others studio noise, chemicals, sawdust and other studio habits. Its a bit like returning to college which I find deeply nostalgic.

I have begun a series of reliefs and I am already deeply immersed in their making and excited to see complete.

I am very grateful to everyone at Celf for this time, especially Shân Edwards director at Celf who brought me in, and made the place what it is, and Rachel Dunlop who paints, organises and seems to be on the front line of everyone’s demands, especially mine.

white sculpture

Unfinished, as yet untitled, painted wood


*9/7/2016  Addendum

Tragically Dean Warburton was killed in a motoring accident soon after I posted the text above. My heartfelt condolences to all his family and friends.






album new web

This drawing was commissioned by the Jazz musician and composer (and sculptor) Marcus Vergette and is intended for an album or CD cover.  The music was inspired by the remarkable Titian painting, ‘The Flaying of Marsyas’, which has long fascinated Marcus. He came to my studio and showed me a number of abstract drawings he had made from the painting which date back to his college days. I persuaded him to make another one in ink. The image above is a reworking of this. For reasons I don’t understand I am especially pleased with it.


04.05.2017 The music has arrived in the post.  The cropping of my image is a little harsh perhaps, and my name is misspelt on the back, just to stop me becoming too pleased with myself. but hey, it’s my artwork on an album cover, I’ve always wanted to do one and I think it looks pretty good. I am very happy.CD cover