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Pechakucha Night Dartmoor

pk4These Pechakucha evenings have turned out better than I hoped.  They take a bit more effort than I expected too.  If you are an artist, I strongly recommend that you do a Pechakucha. Find a PK night near you, or set one up.  Among other duties I must occasionally design posters. ‘How hard can that be?’ I ask.

Jitterbug Waltz


Here is another drawing.  I’m working slowly these days.  I enjoy making decisions slowly. The title is not important, its named after a jazz tune by the great Fats Waller. I should thank my daughter for commissioning this drawing. It meant that I actually completed it, and that inspires me to commit myself to finish at least six of the many drawings I seem to have abandoned.  Leaving work unfinished is a trick that can feel like way of holding on to it’s potential. It’s also sometimes a way of waiting for a readiness to accept what is emerging, at least enough to proceed.  I’m happy to sit in my studio doing nothing at all, except listening to music.  This drawing has an embryonic sibling, but I wont attend to that until I have spent some time with two larger drawing which have been brought back to life.  I wouldn’t hold your breath.