I am Stephen Park. This is where I intend to write, post, edit and delete capriciously. More likely, I am weighing up a need to express myself truthfully against a desire not to upset people. You are welcome to add your well intentioned  comments, provided the are also relevant and interesting. If I don’t publish them its probably because I disagree but doubt its worth the energy required to express it.  I am a slow writer and I am usually otherwise quite busy.  I am happy.





3 thoughts on “About

  1. Re: Facebook post today 25/11 ( no column to comment) Interesting to hear you exhort that the art institutions are not only into the money angle (as always) but are actually out of touch with the peoples cultural needs. I know there has always been a fringe of the art world but it would be interesting to know what you think can support it or even change it so that the really good background artists can flourish.? Maybe its like the music scene! that a lot of Gold stars are underground because of media ignorance and corporate greed? Cheers Paul


  2. Something like that Paul. Culture happens regardless of the institutions, the colleges, the museums, the publications. I have become suspicious of the whole kettle of fish. It’s not that I think there is a fabulous underground scene either, it’s just that something is fishy. I have the feeling that the institutions, all of them , are more focused on justifying there existence than making creativity possible. It means that if you are really interested in creativity , you get an awkward feeling being around those people.


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