Article in Jackdaw magazine by Stephen Park

This article has a strange origin. I was posting comments on Facebook, some of which were in response to other comments. A founder of the Stuckists took an interest, pieced my words together into an article and sent it to me for approval. I made a few changes. They made a few minor corrections to my poor punctuation and dropped my strap-line, “Never-was pours cold water on over-rated has-beens”.

I thought about not allowing its publication because some of it might be taken personally by some people if they read it,  and inevitably some people might think its only my sour grapes.  I decided that it was worth these risks to exercise my little voice. After all I was there,  and it’s a little irritating listening to version  of those times being repeated without being able to say, ‘actually that’s not really how I remember it.’ That’s all.


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