Lying Down River

Lying Down River

I have been unable to work on large drawings because of disruptive repairs to the building, so I have become very absorbed by making these smaller drawings.  I have the feeling that if I can just get the edges in the right place then everything will be okay.  Today I want to make the kind of art that will ward off evil, and that fascists will hate.


2 thoughts on “Lying Down River

  1. Your always so industrious Steve. I like the Lying down river, Looks like the River Teign?
    Yeah ! Why do the Fascist get rattled with contemporary Art and music when the communist spear to embrace it?


    • Hello Paul. I don’t know why I said that about fascists. Historically authoritarian types can’t leave anyone alone, they have wanted to control what gets written, which you can almost understand, but controlling what composers and artists do, that’s a bit paranoid. I think the contemporary methods of control are much more subtle and devious, and hard to nail down, but I think the tendency is there. I don’t think your fascist need worry about what I do, but it would be nice if in some sort of voodoo way they contracted severe diarrhea and vomiting, maybe gum disease too, from the merest glance of abstract art.


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