a B o U t M y D r A w I n G s

  • I find my artwork difficult to write about.  The following feels preliminary.
  • I see myself as someone who lives in a rural environment in an information-saturated time.  I think that it is increasingly important not to conflate notions of the “contemporary” with an urban life.
  • Shapes are important. Zoologists, biologists, architects, engineers, designers of all kinds, know the importance of shapes.  It’s a mistake to think that form is trivial.
  • I didn’t become an artist to not play with shapes.
  • Art, especially drawing, is not really for being good at, its purpose is much more open and hard to define than that.
  • Art is rooted in a magical world-view, it is irrational.  Science is about trying to understand things despite being human and irrational.  I believe in science more than art, although I know very little about it.
  • On the subject of drawing and being human: Just as emotions seem to reside in the body, important kinds of thinking seem to occur in the hands, as all practical people know.
  • Drawing is something I can do in a state of uncertainty, without a clear intention.  As I continue, a clearer intention emerges.  This process is what I call creativity, and I stay as close to it as possible.
  • When I am drawing I experience joy intermittently, and this is a most persuasive reason for doing it.
  • With very few exceptions, the motifs, which comprise my drawings, are executed once only and never repeated.  I paint directly on to the paper without preparations
  • I often think of my shapes as either having once had significance which they  have lost, or being without significance but looking for it.   I am trying to express some separation between what a shape is and what it might mean.
  • I prefer to work with ordinary art materials that would be easily available to an amateur artist.
  • The shocking, repetitious and willfully incongruous are not interesting to me, so they don’t appear in my drawings.
  • Attentive development is the route to everything subtle and unexpected.
  • I will continue with this list when I think of more things.

One thought on “a B o U t M y D r A w I n G s

  1. I wrote this statement because it was required for an open exhibition submission. I don’t like writing these things at all. I needed to be brief, and I wasn’t happy about “information-saturated time”, which, as my friend points out, is a cliche and hard to substantiate. But I didn’t want to write a chapter to get to the next point.


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