With These Eyes

I have seen sandwiches and their wrappings

On the roofs of moving cars,

Beacons of forgetfulness.


I have seen brightly coloured swatches of evening dresses

Caught in the doors of moving cars

Rippling like low flags.


I have seen loose dentures

Of a sleeping old lady

Moving independently of her jaw.


Once, I saw my girlfriend’s sister’s vagina when euphoric twirling

Made her skirt rise and she was not wearing underwear.

I said, “I saw your vagina”, and was asked to leave.


I have entered cubicles

An found shocking brown truth

Of other peoples’ turds.


I once saw a man,

Worse for drink,

Urinate on his own dog.


And once I noticed a conjuror’s

Absurd plastic thumb,

Which, oddly, no one else saw.




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